Having always wanted to write, in the last few years I’ve been working on two novels. Both are currently being edited before I attempt to seek publication. If ‘proper’ publication does not prove possible I will make them available in downloadable and print-on-demand form.

EVINDEN (working title)

An epic fantasy adventure, Evinden explores themes of isolationism, power, faith and sacrifice while following the exploits of a small band of unlikely heroes. Although existing in a generally low fantasy universe, Evinden does contain elements of magic and also contains some steampunk influences. I’ve chronicled the writing of the novel extensively on this blog – have a read of the posts if you like.

I’m currently working on the second draft of The Hidden Valley which will be completed in 2011, after which I will be shopping around for publishers.

Of Rock And Earth

Beginning as a spur-of-the-moment idea for NaNoWriMo ’09, Of Rock And Earth turned out to be a fun project and I’m now expanding it into a full length novel. The first draft is complete and is now awaiting extensive editing.

The original synopsis is this: “Mike doesn’t quite fit in at school. He doesn’t quite fit in at home, either, living with his father on the farm. Far better, then, to use his imagination to conjure up something more exciting, more dangerous. And thus he befriends Hornfel, a 15ft tall rock monster that lives in the hills of Northumberland.”

I’ll be blogging during the novel’s development.