nVidia say hello to PhysX

Graphics card manufacturer nVidia have released a new set of drivers for their 8, 9 and 200 series graphics cards which enable them to perform ‘PhysX’ processing. Which is, of course, a silly way of spelling ‘physics’. If you’ve got one of the new cards and fancy giving the new features a spin, head over to the nVidia website where you’ll find the drivers along with some graphical demos.

For more detailed information, I highly recommend having a read of the brilliant Koroush Gazi’s nVidia tweakguide. If you can’t wait to download the new drivers or are stuck with an older graphics card, here’s a video showing some of the sexy new features in action:


3 thoughts on “nVidia say hello to PhysX

  1. Good card – I’ve since discovered that some of the PhysX stuff is only enabled on the 200 series cards. ‘The Great Kulu’ that is featured in my video, for example, only actually makes use of the GPU on the 200 series – which explains why on my 8800GT is turns into a bit of a slideshow halfway through the demo. 🙂

  2. Hm… that is an unexpected twist, I would have never thought that nVidia would move from a GPU to a GPU/PPU hybrid card. I just thought developers (like Remedy on current project Alan Wake) would start to designate specific cores to Physics processing and related processes.

    For the time being, I’ll stay with my 8800 GTS and Quad-Core CPU @ 2.40, but I’ll be in the market for a new GPU with this new news next summer.

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