CD Projekt RED talk Witcher

This article is admittedly just an excuse to include the awesome, Witcher-inspired image above, although it should also correct the shameful lack of Witcher news around these parts. I thought it worth linking to GameCyte’s brief interview with CD Projekt RED, the Polish developers behind last year’s underground RPG hit The Witcher and the forthcoming Enhanced Edition re-release.

Most developers abandon games shortly after release, possibly due to lack of support from publishers, often leaving titles in a buggy and unfinished state. There’s a few exceptions, of course, such as Blizzard and Valve, but on the whole after-sales support isn’t all that great for PC gamers. CD Projekt RED are taking what is potentially a suicidal gamble by spending almost a year fixing the myriad problems with their deeply flawed debut masterpiece, then releasing it all as a free patch. This includes improved visuals and animation, re-recorded and better translated dialogue and general optimisation. They seem truly dedicated to giving their customers the best possible gaming experience, so let’s hope it pays off and that their altruistic actions don’t bankrupt them.

Expect a closer look at the Extended Edition when it appears on shelves in September.


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