103446 – Before the Fall

Pushing on nicely now. Still managing to write morning and evenings (during the week, at least), treating it as more of a ‘job’ than I have before. Interestingly, it’s much more pleasurable to write this way than in fits and starts. Ideas flow more smoothly, complexities resolve themselves with clarity and momentum is maintained.

I’ve stopped for the evening a couple of pages before the largest sequence in the entire story, because I really need to write that all in one go. Also because I’ve come down with a cold and feel like shit, so am having some difficulty concentrating.

4 days to go.

…which is, of course, ridiculous. There is no chance of me finishing by the end of February, alas. However, I have been extremely pleased with progress this month – I’ve been more disciplined and have moved forward faster than I did in the previous 6 months.

Therefore, with absolute clarity, I’m now making the end of March my new deadline. A first draft of Evinden will be ready by March 31st.

And so say we all. On which note, time to get ready for this evening’s Battlestar Galactica.

35 days to go.


3 thoughts on “103446 – Before the Fall

  1. Good work – I absolutely won’t be expecting to have a read of the first draft towards the beginning of April then!

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