110713 – On the final edge

Just a quick update, because #1 Ladies’ Detective Agency is on shortly.

  • Had an excellent weekend in Hastings visiting Chris, Jen and Eve. Made it to Scotney Castle and Bodiam Castle. More on this once I’ve had a chance to upload some photos.
  • Didn’t get round to seeing a movie this weekend. Boo.
  • Just wrote a fairly big, very important chunk of Evinden, which has pleasantly made up for my lack of writing over the last few days. Not quite reached the end of this section of the book, but I’m only about two pages away from it. Then it’s time for a bold narrative shift to one of the other characters, which will open up the book quite massively and hopefully provide readers with an insight they’ve been craving all the way through! The last few pages have been hugely exciting to write and I just hope that they’ll be as exciting to read. There’s so much going on that it’s been quite a juggling act – very important to get this chapter right, as it drives everything towards the climax and also sees the departures of some major characters. Scary to write, but thrilling.

15 days to go.


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