145,556 – New house, same book

Soooo, been busy. Just moved house, you see, across the city to a lovely detached place in which I can finally unleash full volume surround sound without causing aural bodily harm to the neighbours. Bliss!

Despite this I’ve managed to scrounge a few moments here and there to write some of Evinden, although not a huge amount as you can see from the word count above. Still, better than nothing. I’m currently determined to finish the book before November, so that I can take part in my first Nanowrimo, which I’m hugely excited about. Focusing on a completely new project for a single monthy will also enable me to come back to Evinden with fresh eyes in December or 2010, to polish it up.

House move all went swimmingly – I highly recommend Simong Long Removals, who did a sterling job and were thoroughly nice chaps. We’re still lacking a few crucial bits of furniture, but we’re getting there. If you actually know us you can see some pics on the ol’ Facebookeroo.


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