Hit and run voters?

You remember that awful moment during the Digital Economy Bill debacle, when after a few hours of rushed debate in the Commons in which only a handful of MPs showed any kind of understanding of the topics (hello, Tom Watson) the vote was finally called and suddenly around 200 MPs rushed in from off-stage? So that’s a couple hundred MPs who voted on the DEB despite not having bothered to attend the debates or investigate the issues – they just showed up and voted because that’s what they were told to do. No self-thought or conscience. Just obeying like good little MPs.

It was very easy to criticise politicians having witnessed that all unfold live on the internet – let’s face it, it’s always very easy to criticise politicians.

This morning, though, I can’t help but feel that this trend – of not paying attention, then just doing what’s expected of you – is shared by the wider electorate.

On the plus side, the LibDems got in at Norwich South. Woo. That’ll teach Charles Clarke not to reply to my letters.


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