Due to my left hand not talking to my right, I haven’t blogged recently about the video series I’ve been putting up on my YouTube channel. It’s a very intermittent series adhering to no particular schedule – I’m really not paying attention to the algorithm – but it is quite a lot of fun.

Here’s the latest episode:

In each episode I play through the first five minutes of a given game, timed via stopwatch, examining the game design to see how the game introduces the player to its systems and story. Inevitably this leads to a focus on single player adventures.

Here are the other episodes so far:



2 thoughts on “First 5 Minutes video game series

  1. A really, really clever idea that I’ve never seen before. It’s always important in any media form to captivate your audience from the off, but I find with games, they come with a more personal approach. This is a fantastic series, hoping you plan on doing more!

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