I made a new video for the HitFilm YouTube channel. Check it out:

Two things to note:

  1. I need a haircut.
  2. The spaceship shot I created for that tutorial is better than any of the effects in my favourite sci-fi shows of the 1990s. It’s getting towards being acceptable for a mid-2000s show, at least with a bit more work.

That’s pretty remarkable. The second point, I mean.

That shot took me maybe half a day to put together, all told. Perhaps a bit longer. It takes a few minutes to render. Rewind twenty years and not only would it be incredibly hard, if not impossible, to achieve that fidelity of CG, it’d also take hours if not days to render the damned thing.

And here’s me doing it on a home computer.

The things I could have done if I’d had this technology when I was at university in 1999. Or even before then.



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