Arc 3 ebook v1The third book in the A Day of Faces series is at last available. You can get it right now on Kobo for just $2.99 and it’ll be appearing on Amazon very soon.

Arc 3 is called Hive and comprises 15 chapters of rollicking adventure plus nearly 5000 words of essays and bonus stories and 2300 words of brand new annotations. It’s pretty cool.

You can check out the entire series here.

Having these ebooks available doesn’t bring in a huge amount of sales – I’ve not quite cracked that nut, yet – but it serves as important milestones in the progression of the book. So many of my attempts to write a novel have stalled at some point, usually after completing the first draft and never quite making it through the editing sessions. Serialising A Day of Faces has maintained the initial excitement that comes with a new project: I still find it a thrilling prospect to sit down every Monday and hammer out another chapter.

Big thanks, as always, to everybody who has given the book (or the serialised version on Wattpad) a read.


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