the-mechanical-crownI’ve renamed Evinden to The Mechanical Crown. The new name is better in just about every way, not least because it’s no longer a made-up fantasy nonsense word.

In the story, Evinden is the name of the continent. That’s fine – made-up names inside a fantasy novel are perfectly acceptable. Naming the book after one of those is a bad move, though, because it means absolutely nothing to anybody. The only people who understand its relevance are those who have already read the book, so as a method for attracting new readers it was always something of a non-starter.

The Mechanical Crown is more intriguing, more connected to the themes of the story and immediately suggests meaning, while remaining mysterious. That’s the idea, anyway.

As it happens, The Mechanical Crown is now up to chapter 6 on Wattpad. You can read the whole thing for free over here.

(header image is of Ronda, a city in Spain which is an influence on the book)


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