How to steal from a giant spaceship

Heat Signature is fantastic. Here’s what happened to me:

Docked. Turrets everywhere. Armoured guards with heat sensors, and they’re clustering in groups of threes and covering all room exits, so I can’t even sneak past.

There are four levels of door keycard locks between me and the Euler Contraption which I need to steal in order to pay off my debts.

I have no melee or projectile weapons.

I have 75 seconds before the ship docks with its destination space station and I’m discovered. Continue reading


Returning to No Man’s Sky

Just over a year ago I did something I very rarely do these days, which is buy a game at launch. Due to a daft backlog and not much time to play I tend to wait for heavy discounts before committing, but No Man’s Sky grabbed me with its early trailers and I couldn’t resist diving in to explore its universe. Continue reading

Redesigning Noirwich

The Noirwich Crime Writing Festival 2017 is fast approaching and tickets are swiftly disappearing. It’s going to be a pretty great festival when it hits next month. Noirwich 2016 was the first major event I got my teeth into after starting at Writers’ Centre Norwich last year. Though crime fiction isn’t my thing, I do get genre fiction – even if mine tends to be scifi/fantasy, so it was something I immediately understood and it proved to be a lot of fun.

This year I’ve been involved from the beginning and as a comms team we’ve refreshed some of the core design principles behind the festival. I thought I’d take a look at some of the thinking behind the changes to the logo. Continue reading