A Murder in Four Dimensions – my next short story

17 Winter Sticker (1).pngThere’s another Wattpad Block Party approaching, which means I’ve penned a new chapter to contribute to the month-long celebration of online literature.

Previously I’ve written behind-the-scenes articles, partly because I was right in the middle of working on A Day of Faces and also because I didn’t feel confident about exposing my fiction writing quite that widely.

These days I’m in a rather different position, with over 100k reads and a Watty Award. A Day of Faces turned into a bigger thing than I ever expected.

So this time round I’ve written a brand new short story, set in the A Day of Faces universe, and taking place after the end of the main story. It acts both as a tease for the main book and as a semi-sequel for fans. It suggests what happened next while introducing entirely new characters and going to previously unseen locations.

It’s also a bit noirish. If ADoF was an action adventure, then ‘A Murder in Four Dimensions’ is a noir thriller. It takes a very different tone, is presented in third person and explores what being a detective would mean in a multiverse. It’s hopefully a lot of fun.

I have no idea how it’ll read for people who haven’t already read the main book. I suspect it’ll be utterly confusing, but that’s OK. Maybe it’ll intrigue them enough to go check out the book.


Simon Sinek and the digital addiction

Simon Sinek has a made a career out of cutting to the chase and distilling otherwise complex concepts into simpler, more manageable ideas which can be acted upon. He’s influenced my approach to marketing at work and how I appraised what was important in my life. Anyone who works with me will know that I bang on about his Start With Why concept all the damned time.

He’s back in a new video which seems to have immediately reached a massively larger audience than his previous stuff. Here it is, in case you haven’t stumbled across it yet:

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The Mechanical Crown: renaming a decade-old story

the-mechanical-crownI’ve renamed Evinden to The Mechanical Crown. The new name is better in just about every way, not least because it’s no longer a made-up fantasy nonsense word.

In the story, Evinden is the name of the continent. That’s fine – made-up names inside a fantasy novel are perfectly acceptable. Naming the book after one of those is a bad move, though, because it means absolutely nothing to anybody. The only people who understand its relevance are those who have already read the book, so as a method for attracting new readers it was always something of a non-starter.

The Mechanical Crown is more intriguing, more connected to the themes of the story and immediately suggests meaning, while remaining mysterious. That’s the idea, anyway.

As it happens, The Mechanical Crown is now up to chapter 6 on Wattpad. You can read the whole thing for free over here.

(header image is of Ronda, a city in Spain which is an influence on the book)

NaNoWriMo, audiobooks and tons of writing

This month I’m attempting NaNoWrimo which is proving very difficult. I’m dangerously behind schedule. That means this blog is going to be short and sweet. I have been super busy, though, so here’s a sampler:


Evinden is now up to chapter 3! The story is already pretty exciting and super mysterious, so jump on board. Read here.


The A Day of Faces audiobook is also up to chapter 3. Listen here, or search for it on iTunes.


My How to Write Serialised Fiction guide is getting into the nitty gritty now. You can read it on Medium or on Wattpad.

The A Day of Faces audiobook is here!

Chapter 1 of the A Day of Faces audiobook can now be listened to, entirely for free! Yay!

This is super exciting, being the first time I’ve done anything like this. I’m really pleased with how the audiobook is coming out – it sounds about as professional as I’m going to get it without serious investment, on a technical level, and Jen Coleman is doing a great job as the narrator.

The first 4 chapters have been recorded already, with another recording session scheduled for tomorrow, and I’m going to be releasing them every other week, to ensure there’s always a bit of a buffer. Jen gets better and better with each chapter, settling into Kay’s voice as well as the other characters.

Recording an audiobook has so many little micro-challenges. It sits in a really curious spot between a plain reading and a full dramatisation. I’ll probably ramble some more about the production stuff another time.