I’m a writer based in Norwich, England. I write science fiction and fantasy, much of it released in serialised form online. You might have heard me on The Writing Life podcast which I produce at the National Centre for Writing.

My debut novel A Day of Faces was serialised in 2015 and 2016, winning a Watty Award in 2016 and hitting over 179,000 reads online. It’s about youth, revolution and shape-shifting animal people. I completed a 3-year, serialised, weekly run on my follow-up book The Mechanical Crown in 2019 and was selected by Wattpad for their Star programme. In 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic I serialised the YA novel No Adults Allowed, a post-apocalyptic alternative to Lord of the Flies which turned out to be more timely than expected.

My How to Write Serialised Fiction short guide continues to be read by emerging online writers around the world.

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