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No Adults Allowed

All the grown-ups have disappeared and children are ruling the world. What could go wrong?
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The Mechanical Crown

An isolated valley is torn apart by the arrival of a mysterious stranger. Epic fantasy adventure with a new chapter published every week!

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A Day of Faces

What happens if everyone born on the same day looks identical? My first serialised novel is an award-winning, fast-paced scifi thriller.

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How To Write Serialised Fiction

Finding you never have the time to write any more? Never able to finish your writing projects? This guide will introduce you to a new way of writing.

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Reader reviews

My stories have had over 140,000 reads. My readers are the best.

Daniel Wood

Goodreads review for A Day of Faces

"A fresh idea in sci-fi...Conspiracy, mind manipulation and a sense of inevitable disaster entertained me as the hapless revolutionaries blundered about. Very much enjoyed."


For The Mechanical Crown

"Story's so good I had to check and make sure there are still plenty of chapters left to enjoy reading. :)"

Kirstie Tostevin

Amazon review for A Day of Faces

"I can't get this book, or its themes, out of my head."


For A Day of Faces

"Stayed surprising till the end."


For A Day of Faces

"I don't know how you can top this. I really enjoyed reading this."

J Bramwell

For A Day of Faces

"Enjoyed this book immensely. Sincerely hope there is a sequel in you. Very well done."

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