What if everyone born on the same day looked the same?

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In Kay’s world, weird is normal. Girls have tentacle dreads, there’s a ruling class of flying angels, some folk have fur or horns and others can see heat signatures through walls. All of this made total sense to Kay until she met a guy who broke all the rules.

Originally published on Wattpad in 60 parts over the course of a year and a half, A Day of Faces is a science fiction adventure full of weird ideas about identity, society and power. I released a series of shorter ebooks with the story split into distinct arcs, much like seasons of a TV show.

A Day of Faces won a Watty award in 2016 in the Trailblazer category and as of November 2017 has had 137,000 reads.

The audiobook

I’m currently working on a free audiobook version of the story, with a new chapter¬†being released every other week.

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I blogged about the writing of A Day of Faces throughout the entire process. You can read all the blog posts by clicking here, although they’re chock full of spoilers so don’t do so until after you’ve read the respective chapters! The ebook comes with all of the chapter notes plus a bunch of essays and additional short stories.

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