I’ve written two novels and am in the process of writing the third. All are available to read for free online. If you enjoy the books you can say thanks by supporting me over on Patreon.

No Adults Allowed is my current ‘live’ book, with a new chapter released every Friday. It’s a coming of age, post-apocalyptic story in which adults have all disappeared and the kids are in charge. Unlike William Golding, I posit this as being probably a good thing.

The Mechanical Crown is my epic fantasy adventure, spanning 250,000 words and serialised over the course of three years. I’m not quite sure how I did it, but people certainly like it! Politics, social justice, adventure, princesses, swords, airships, it’s got the lot. You can read chapter notes here.

A Day of Faces is my weird debut, in which each day sees a new type of person born all around the world. It’s a page-turning adventure which happens to be about identity and purpose. You can read chapter notes here.