I’ve written three novels, all of which are available to read for free online. If you enjoy my work you can follow my progress and say thanks by supporting me over on Patreon.

No Adults Allowed was released in 2020. It’s a coming of age, post-apocalyptic story in which adults have all disappeared and the kids are in charge. It’s Heart of Darkness mixed with Lord of the Flies, but written from an optimistic point of view by someone who thinks kids are cool.

The Mechanical Crown is my epic fantasy adventure, spanning 250,000 words, serialised over three years and completed in 2019. Politics, social justice, adventure, princesses, swords, airships, it’s got the lot. You can also read chapter notes here.

A Day of Faces is my debut, which won a Watty Award in 2016 and has amassed over 179,000 reads online. It’s a page-turning sci-fi adventure about identity and purpose. Fans can read chapter notes here. I’m currently working on a major re-edit which you can keep tabs on at my Patreon.