How to install Cyanogenmod on a Samsung Galaxy S3

If you’re here for info on installing Cyanogenmod on your S3 and just want to get to it, skip down the page a bit. First a bit of self-indulgent history, blogger-style:

Back at the start of 2013 my S3 phone started freezing randomly. My phone carrier, O2, refused to help me so I had to research the issue myself, a process which worked. I chronicled the mess in a blog post, including full instructions in case anybody else had the problem. You can find the blog post here.

SteamOS and the fall of Microsoft


For a while now I’ve been tempted to write a fictional blog post purporting to have been written in 2050-or-thereabouts, essentially along the lines of “Hey, anybody remember Microsoft?” The company that for most of my lifetime has just been there has, in the last 5 years, suddenly become rather wobbly – despite still seeming quite healthy in financial terms.

The announcement of Valve’s SteamOS and associated gubbins added a whole new element to Microsoft’s woes. Now, a lot of this is working on the assumption that SteamOS, the Steam Controller and Steam Machines will be actually good. If they’re not, then the debate is a bit moot.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the key market areas where Microsoft have historically ruled.