Writing chapter 48: Pain

In my planning notes for this chapter, I wrote “Kind of a horror chapter”. That was the driving force behind it and what dictated the style and approach.

It’s a horror chapter in two parts. The first is Kay’s hopeless situation, as a mentally tortured prisoner. The second is Ezekiel’s increasing terror as his carefully controlled power centre disintegrates. Both are told from Kay’s limited and subjective perspective, but the victim shifts from her to Ezekiel as it progresses. (more…)

Writing chapter 47: Metabolism

And so begins the mid-arc 3-parter! A fair few chapters in arcs 2 and 3 are relatively self-contained, due to the road-trippy nature of the plot. Metabolism shakes things up, by pulling the rug out from underneath our heroes.

Thus far they’ve been doing rather well. Even in Limbic System, when they’re in serious trouble, it’s mostly about Furey kicking ass. In Metabolism we see that they’re just as vulnerable as they’ve ever been. (more…)

DIY spaceships in 2016

I made a new video for the HitFilm YouTube channel. Check it out:

Two things to note:

  1. I need a haircut.
  2. The spaceship shot I created for that tutorial is better than any of the effects in my favourite sci-fi shows of the 1990s. It’s getting towards being acceptable for a mid-2000s show, at least with a bit more work.