If Twitter hate mobs are Ultron, where is the internet’s Vision?

For the last ten years-or-so I’ve been convinced that governments would be responsible for the death of the Internet As We Know It: ever-encroaching censorship and surveillance transforming the promise of the open internet into something darker, more capitalist, more consumerist¬†and, essentially, more 20th century. Here’s me on the Digital Economy Bill, and then on the good ol’ Twitter Joke Trial. That’s a lotta words.

Then so-called GamerGate happened, late last year. An amorphous bunch of apparent activists rose up, ostensibly to decry ethics in games journalism but in reality taking every opportunity to harass female game devs, game journalists and gamers, and anybody who supported them. Rape threats. Death threats. It was the abuse unleashed upon Anita Sarkeesian writ large, with a broad brush. The aggressors wielded the term ‘Social Justice Warrior’ as if it were something to be ashamed of. And all the while they claimed the moral high ground, even while forcing planes to land and issuing genuine terrorist threats to universities. The actions of GamerGate spoke far louder than its words. (more…)

Dissent required

I wake today feeling decidedly naive. Last night I learnt a lot about the UK democratic process and how Parliament works. Courtesy of BBC Democracy Live (a superb resource) I was able to watch the third and final debate on the Digital Economy Bill in the House of Commons. It Read more…

DE Bill round-up

Here’s a quick update on the Digital Economy Bill, for anybody that’s interested. I have not received a response or even an acknowledgement to my second letter to Charles Clarke. Presumably the stock response wouldn’t work a second time, so the email was conveniently ‘put aside’. A shame. If Clarke Read more…