Dishonored: First 5 Minutes

When writing about Dishonored, should one go with the official spelling of the title, or correct it to Dishonoured? And what happens when you’ve stared at both words for far too long, with the consequence that they both look entirely made up? An alternative is to make a video instead, Read more…

Spiffy games of 2012

MassEffect3 2012-07-02 20-33-04-41

Back at the start of the year I remember a conversation which noted how good 2011 had been for games, while 2012 looked like it was going to be a quieter, less interesting year. Turns out that was an entirely incorrect prediction, as this has been one of the most exciting 12 months for gaming in quite some time. Without any further faffing, here are my top games of the year… (more…)