Spiffing Review continues

Almost a year ago I started podcasting with Mr Wayne Bolt. This was my first foray into podcasterisation – while I’ve written and presented lots of video material for FXhome over the years, I’d never ventured into audio-only territory. The first time since I recorded my own pretend radio shows Read more…

Writings, Christmas, Film4, stuff

An assortment to things to write about this evening while I render out 30+ VFX shots for Guinod, a martial arts opera I’ve been helping a friend finish off. It premieres in a couple of weeks at Norwich’s Cinema City, so I’ll be sure to say how it goes. Bulk of my work on it is done, I just have to render all the bits and pieces – a process that is considerably fiddlier than it should be due to a few quirks in the compositing software I’m using. (more…)