Well, morning and night, at least. Not quite managed noon yet. But, yes, I did indeed get up Especially Early today in order to squeeze in some book writing prior to going to work. And you know what? It felt really, really good. If I can keep this up everyday I should be able to make good progress indeed.

It helps, of course, that I’m in one of the most exciting passages of the book, with things only going to get even crazier in the coming chapters.

The word count of 101681 is a little inaccurate, of course, because I’ve got a bunch of front matter involving copyright bla bla bla, plus some notes up the back. The notes are the most important thing – everytime I sign off for the day, I always write down a few notes detailing my thoughts at the time as to where the story was going to go from that point. While I’ve got the over-arcing story all written down, the page-to-page beats tend to be very fluid. If I’m ‘in the moment’, it’s important not to forget my direction the next time I pick up the writing. Hence, little brainstormy notes around the end. Currently these notes are longer than they’ve ever been, signifying how pivotal these few chapters are, and also how compex they are in terms of pacing and hitting all the right peaks.

Good stuff.

In other news, I’m now on twitter – http://twitter.com/Tarnimus

11 days to go.

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