Written an enormous amount tonight (for me, at least), romping through a particularly crucial scene. Very, very exciting stuff. Notably it also marks a major character death, which was extremely creepy to write – all the foreshadowing leading up to it, the long, drawn-out moment itself, and the too-late realisation. Hopefully it’ll be as effective for readers as it was for me writing it! Of course, it’s couple with a couple of major twists as well, so it’s really one helluva chapter.

A massive action sequence ensues immediately afterwards, so I’m going to finish up for the night and concentrate on that at the weekend. I can’t wait!

On another note, finally having the roof in the utility room fixed  tomorrow (woot), and going to Trattoria Rustica again, this time with my folks who are in town. Should be fun and tasty.

What else? Josh and Lucy are both out of the office, in Vegas and Australia respectively, so it’s been a bit of a mad house. Well, simultaneously quiet due to two less people and insanely busy due to me having to fill in for them in certain areas. Just about got it covered but, as always, there’s never enough time in the day! Especially in a week that sees the release of a new product.

Watchmen this weekend. I’m nervously excited – Jonathan Woss gave it an excellent, considered review.

27 days to go.


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