With one section finished, it’s time to shift the narrative to another character – this time it’s Tarn’s turn. Telling the story from a non-omniscient point of view has its challenges, mostly that the narrative character needs to be in the right place at the right time in order for the reader to experience events. As Evinden heads towards its action-packed finale this becomes increasingly tricky as our band of travellers splits into separate groups to accomplish various key tasks. The plan I’ve got more-or-less works, except it requires a final shift to another character’s perspective, a character that has already had their spotlight. I’m beginning to wonder whether Tarn’s section should be the final section of the book, rather than the penultimate one. Given his importance to the plot it would certainly make sense.

I think some structural rejiggering may be required tonight – if anything it’ll just make the finale snappier and shorter, which is probably a good thing.

In other news, saw the rough cut of A&E last night, the film that was shot a couple of summers ago and which then sat around in post humming a little tune and not really going anywhere. I’m pleased to report that it’s rather good, even in its current form! Once Tom’s tightened up the cut, and once sound/effects/grading/music etc are done, it should be a spiffing little monster b-movie.

14 days to go.


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