Well, it’s good for exciting finales, for a start. But I’d better say no more for fear of dropping too many spoilers.

Hard to find time to write the last few weeks, what witha combination of House Moving Stuff, podcasting and Batman: Arkham Asylum (the compulsion is waning, though, so I should be back to normal now). Having said that, what I have been able to write has been really good – if I may say so myself. Or, at the very least, extremely satisfying.

The Big Bad and the Big Good are currently having their Big Face Off, and it’s so far proving extremely fun. Rather at the last minute I’ve been able to inject a little more thoughtfulness into the climax, rather than it just being a series of scrappy fights. With luck it should make it more interesting and memorable.

Next up is some traumatic GBH, then I’ll be seriously close to ACTUAL COMPLETION. Yes, I know I’ve said that so many times this year as to make my deadlines an absurdity, but this time it looks genuinely possible.

Of course, I’m also doing VFX on a short film called Guinod (it’s a martial arts opera, believe it or not), am editing and doing VFX on a steampunk short and am also indulging in the aforementioned podcasteroo (which means seeing Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs this Wednesday). But, hey, I like being busy! At some point I need to find time to write some more articles for Potential Gamer, too, and try to push my portfolio out there a little more successfully.

For now, however, I shall go to bed.


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