I’ve decided to make this blog entirely about my writing efforts, which currently are focused on Evinden. This should make everything far more purposeful, rather than every post drifting about aimlessly as they have for the last couple of years. I imagine it’ll also result in my posting for more regularly – which hopefully will in turn encourage me to keep writing the book with more regularity.

So, what’s the current status?

  • 93,620 words
  • 243 bookish pages
  • Current chapter title: Bridge over Green Water

I started writing with renewed vigour a week-or-two back. After the extreme distractions of the FXhome tutorial project, Prague and Christmas, at last I’m back ‘in the zone’. This is thanks largely to Chris Burdett, who pointed me in the direction of NaNoWriMo, a challenge I find most tempting. Of course, attempting to write a 50,000 word novel in November isn’t going to be possible if Evinden isn’t already finished, hence my determination to get a first draft by the end of February.

And, for once, I don’t think that target is unrealistic. I’m at a turning point in the story where the characters finally reach the place they’ve been travelling towards for the last 100 pages. Once they get there the pace cranks up considerably as the whole place prepares for war, with the story expanding from a small group of travellers to the movements of armies. It acts as a major pacing and tone shift and I’m quite excited about finally getting to it.

First, though, I need to rewrite the last few pages, which involved a nasty tentacled beastie attacking a major character. Having completed this action sequence I realised, rather late, that it would be far more effective if the creature was attacking one of the other primary characters. Typical!

49 days left.


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