I’ve added links to a few more recent short stories I’ve written. Most of these are literally 10-minute jobs written as exercises for the creative writing course we’re on at the moment and are tests of style/character/POV etc.

Next up is to write the final 1500 word piece for the course – a horrendously small word count! My final piece is going to be based on the character from ‘The Detective’, probably with a mixture of plots from the two Detective stories I’ve put up so far, plus some extra bits and pieces.

Meanwhile, Evinden is coming along nicely. I’ve nearly finished the second part, at which point I’ll be creating a new ‘work print’ for selected people to peruse. The story is really hotting up now, with the characters’ journeys well underway and (hopefully) avoiding (or fiddling with) the usual cliches!

I’m also writing a new short film script, details of which I’m not at liberty to disclose at this point. The project will be announced in due course, at which point I’ll be able to reveal some info. 🙂

There’s also a bunch of other filmy stuff going on at the moment, particularly with the Axis of Evil guys. As it happens, I’m seeing them tomorrow for an afternoon of extreme puppetry at the Norwich Arts Centre – should be good!

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