17 Winter Sticker (1).pngThere’s another Wattpad Block Party approaching, which means I’ve penned a new chapter to contribute to the month-long celebration of online literature.

Previously I’ve written behind-the-scenes articles, partly because I was right in the middle of working on A Day of Faces and also because I didn’t feel confident about exposing my fiction writing quite that widely.

These days I’m in a rather different position, with over 100k reads and a Watty Award. A Day of Faces turned into a bigger thing than I ever expected.

So this time round I’ve written a brand new short story, set in the A Day of Faces universe, and taking place after the end of the main story. It acts both as a tease for the main book and as a semi-sequel for fans. It suggests what happened next while introducing entirely new characters and going to previously unseen locations.

It’s also a bit noirish. If ADoF was an action adventure, then ‘A Murder in Four Dimensions’ is a noir thriller. It takes a very different tone, is presented in third person and explores what being a detective would mean in a multiverse. It’s hopefully a lot of fun.

I have no idea how it’ll read for people who haven’t already read the main book. I suspect it’ll be utterly confusing, but that’s OK. Maybe it’ll intrigue them enough to go check out the book.



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