The previous chapter was called interlude but actually raised a whole bunch of questions. This chapter acts as more of a natural pause, following on from the events of Nurture but taking a deep breath before diving into the final episodes of this first series.

I’ve always rather liked cliffhangers which are resolved in slightly non-linear ways. It’s very easy to have a 1960s Batman-style “how will they escape!?” ending, followed up by a direct answering of that question. But I’ve always felt that makes the cliffhanger feel rather artificial, such that it may as well have not been there at all.

Instead, it’s far more interesting to jump time, or perspective, or something, so that the reader has a moment of dislocation, whereby they’re not immediately sure what happened after the cliffhanger. That’s what Adaptation is all about, as well serving as a slight return to the very first chapter.

Of course, what this is also doing is delivering a bit of background exposition via the convenient professor character. Not subtle, but hey. It had to go somewhere.

Sountrack: The Portal 2 soundtrack. Quirky, weird, experimental. Hopefully a bit like this story.


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