So, the weird thing about this chapter is that the original plan was for them to leave Marv on Locque 2. That’s what was in the plan for Arc 2 all along – Marv would essentially disappear from the story, leaving it to be the Cal and Kay Show.

That was before I decided Marv was great. The risk here is that I’m keeping a character in play purely because I enjoy writing them. Purists might argue that I’m betraying the original vision of the story, or some such. Really, though, A Day of Faces is all about improvising and thinking on my feet (fingers?).

The three-person dynamic of Kay, Marv and Cal is far more engaging than just two of them, and Marv’s particular ability plays well into various plot beats down the line.

In terms of the impact on the long-term story, Marv becoming a main character does shake things up a bit, but the general direction remains the same. The plan has been loose from the start, constantly shifting about while retaining the core values and themes. Getting from A to B to C is just as important as ever, but exactly how we get there is up for discussion.

The terrifying thing of publishing weekly as I go is that with every new chapter I’m locking myself more and more into a particular direction. Keeping Marv along for the ride was a big decision, and I can’t just change my mind if it turns out to be a bad move. That essential flexibility isn’t something I’ve had to deal with before, when I normally complete an entire story prior to publishing, and thus have plenty of time to tweak and edit.

We’re starting into the second half of Arc 2 now, so things are gonna start hotting up.

Soundtrack: The original TRON score.


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