Unexpected narrative shift! Unexpected not just for readers but also for me, as this was a rather late addition to the story. There’s a broader story going on in the background of ADoF which I wasn’t going to reveal until much farther down the line, but it occurred to me that ‘Nurture’ was such a good cliffhanger that it’d be good to string it out just a bit longer, while also ramping up the stakes a bit by glimpsing behind the curtain.

The idea is that ‘Interlude #1’ raises more questions than it answers. Stylistically it’s a departure as well, shifting to 3rd person, and riffing a little on the unnerving mundanity of that first scene in Cabin in the Woods.

The idea also is to make it entirely clear what exactly the motivations of these guys are, and whether they’re to be considered bad guys or friendly. Simultaneously, it raises a few red flags about Cal himself.

Who you gonna trust?

We’ll return to Kay and Cal next time…

Soundtrack: Witcher 3, still.


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