Weird tangent chapter! We’re back with Wynton Simons. Except this time it all makes a bit more sense.

‘Interlude #1’ cropped up halfway through the first story arc and was designed to be discombobulating. At the time it didn’t make complete sense. It broke the narrative structure, it shifted style and it shifted to a completely different setting and group of characters.

This time round, you’re armed with the knowledge that the A Day of Faces story has some kind of dimension hopping aspect. We know that the scenario seen in ‘Interlude #1’ collided violently with Kay’s worled in ‘Lineage’ and ‘Apex Predator’ as Holt made his appearance. And in the first 3 chapters of Arc 2 we’ve found out more about Cal’s dimension jumping abilities.

I’m not sure how obvious it was at the time, but ‘Cladogenesis’ did of course see Kay and Cal arrive in the same general space as Wynton and co – as is made blatnatly apparent in ‘Interlude #2’. The mock-Aviary is a highly convenient landmark around which to anchor the action and a potentially confusing plot point.

Wynton and Holt are both great fun to write. Holt in particular is someone who on the surface seems like a monster, but actually has a world view that kinda makes sense – or is, at least, honest. Whereas Simons is deliberately ordinary – with all the sci-fi-fantasy stuff going on in the rest of the story, Simons provides a mundane counterpoint.

Anyway, I’d better not say any more for fear of spoiling things. Next ep we’ll be back with Kay and the gang, so stay tuned.

Soundtrack: Fragments, Ben Prunty’s latest electronic loveliness.


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