Cal was originally going to be entirely delirious, and remain injured for a long while. The idea of having the injury fall off along with the wings came about during the writing.

That also, typically, put a spanner in the works for the following episode, which then required a bit of shuffling. That’s something which got a bit hairy with this episode: juggling the long-term story while in the middle of publishing it. It’s an interesting feeling, being locked into a certain path due to the chapters already released, but still open to alternatives down the line – but not having much time to iterate.

This chapter was fun to write because it’s all about setting up genre tropes, then subverting. It’s a little mini-joke, with the punchline being Kay’s general attitude. It’s also pretty much a line in the sand, given the potential for dubious furry fan fiction within this world. That ain’t gonna happen.

Soundtrack: Wolfstack Lights (Sunless Sea score) by Mickymar Productions, and Epsilon Indi (Starbound score) by Curtis Schweitzer


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