The specifics of the fight in this chapter remained fluid even as I wrote it. Originally the actual fighting was going to be more protracted and ‘actiony’, rather than a mostly accidental flailing about with lots of accidental injury. But, really, ADoF isn’t about cool, heavily orchestrated fighting. It’s more about stumbling around and trying not to get hit.

This is one of those point-of-no-return chapters, which is going to have major ramifications in plot and character going forward. As such, it’s a little terrifying writing it as part of an on-going serial, without having tested the waters farther downstream.

Kay’s father is dead, and that’s going to shift things around substantially. My main concern is actually one of tone – the show’s been fairly light so far, despite a couple of gruesome moments, and throwing in something as dramatic as what happens in ‘Nurture’ takes things down a darker path. The trick now will be in retaining a pulpy sense of fun adventure while not shying away from the consequences.

Soundtrack: This chapter was written in a bit of a rushed haze, and as such I have no memory of what I was listning to. I’m sure it was exciting, though.


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