Action is always easier to write. That’s why the word count on chapter 3, ‘Prey’, is almost double that of the previous two sections.

After the gentle everyday stuff (plus weird science fantasy gubbins) of the first two chapters, this is where we first catch a glimpse of what will become the main plot.

Having every single character be super-powered is an interesting writing challenge. From a social point of view, it results in a society in which powers aren’t special. The culture has already adapted – hence the police are equipped to handle all kinds of convoluted threats.

It also means that sequences such as this one are pretty fun, with different characters countering and negating the abilities of others. This is still a pretty simple introduction to that kind of stuff – I’m intending to have some truly crazy action later in the season.

By this point the anachronistic nature of the setting should be extremely apparent, with familiar elements mixing in with the fantastical stuff. That’s not just there to be contrary: it has purpose.

Soundtrack: Can’t remember what I was listening to when writing this one, so let’s just go with A Change is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke. Listen to it while imagining the whole chapter playing out silently in slow motion. Go on.


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