This is one of those chessboard chapters, by which I mean it’s all about positioning the pieces just right. It’s setting up the series finale, which inherently involves a bit of exposition. The trick, therefore, is to do it in a way which is hopefully interesting and justifiable, without resorting to “As you know, Bob,” style clumsiness.

One way to sidestep that is to grab every opportunity possible to surround the exposition with authentic character reactions. Therefore we get to see Kay, Marv and Cal responding to the dialogue and events. The idea is to prevent the dialogue from simply being plot, and make sure it is working on other levels as well.

The big thing in ‘Vision’ is the introduction of spectres. I’d like to say that they were in the plan right from the start but, really – they popped into my head during the writing of this chapter. Or, at least, the specifics: natural camouflage was always going to be a theme in the story at some point. As with the other powers, though, it’s about exploring the practical consequences of these conditions, rather than simply presenting them as ‘powers’.

Invisible babies being lost? Genuinely freaks me out. Both this concept and a lot of the stuff in ‘Interlude #1’ have a lot of ‘me’ in them compared to the rest of the story.

Anyway, I kinda want to do a flashback episode set entirely during the time when spectres were common. Hmm.

Soundtrack: Deus Ex Human Revolution score, because it’s the sound of change.


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