After ‘Infection’s stealthy, heist-like shenanigans, ‘Lineage’ turns things up to 11 with a full-on shoot-out.

Something that’s become a bit of a stylistic theme of A Day of Faces is having little mini time-jumps between each chapter, so that the cliffhanger from the previous installment doesn’t get immediately resolved. It’s usually a chance to inject a bit of Kay’s personality into the narrative, or some additional detail which would otherwise get run over by the plot.

Hence we don’t see how they all got back together, or how Kay and Marv managed to get up the remaining floors and up into the Aviary itself. That stuff might have been pretty cool, but it would also have just been a continuation of ‘Infection’s action sequence, without really adding anything new into the mix. Better to skip forwards to when something interesting is happening, and infer what came in-between.

Something I was acutely aware of by now is that there’s a number of unanswered questions, with more coming in every episode. Hopefully I’m doing it in a way which is fun and intriguing, rather than drawn-out and frustrating. Time will tell.

The big entrance at the end fairly obviously links back to the character of Holt from ‘Interlude #1’. Originally this would have been Holt’s first appearance, as ‘Interlude #1’ was a last minute addition to the story, providing a diversion into stuff that isn’t going to resolve itself for a while. It changes the entrance of the scarred man in ‘Lineage’ from being completely out-of-the-blue into something more intriguing – it’s still not entirely clear where the characters from ‘Interlude #1’ fit in, but the puzzle’s starting to reveal itself.

That’s the idea, anyway.

Soundtrack: Repeating myself, but you can’t beat the Matrix scores for writing this kinda stuff.


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