Arms Race is, at last, finished. I thought it was finished on Sunday evening, then made the mistake of showing it to Swiss filmmaker Marco Von Moos, who proceeded to point out a number of areas in the cut that could be considerably tightened.

Annoyingly, he was absolutely correct.

Thus followed a feverish re-edit on the Monday night, complete with re-grading and a complete resync and remix of the 5.1 sound. A lot of work, but worth every hour as it is now a much tighter, more entertaining short film.

There’s also now an official website over at and a Facebook page, so please do check them out and say hello. Here’s the first poster that I designed to help promote the film:

The premiere is November 13th (check the Facebook page for details) and the film will be released online shortly afterwards.


The Ravenskil Chronicles are back up and running after a slight summer hiatus brought on by holidays, moving house and working on other projects such as Arms Race. We had a very successful writers meeting on Sunday and I can’t wait to get started on my episode. It’ll be refreshing to get back to writing after working on the Arms Race edit and VFX for so long.

NaNoWriMo is also coming up, of course. I won’t be officially taking part this year as I’ve already got enough projects on the go, but I hope to attend some of the meetings nonetheless. If you’re a writer, or want to be a writer, do check it out.

More details on Arms Race will be revealed next week, plus I’ll be making a return to Potential Gamer with what will hopefully be an extensive article on why Minecraft is something truly special, even if you don’t like retro gaming.


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