Two weekends have passed without any kind of 48 hour challenge involved, which is an immense relief. Although it was good fun and hugely rewarding, I certainly wouldn’t want to do more than one a year – and next time I don’t intend to shoot and edit, which meant that I slept for about one and a half hours during the whole period. Not recommended! (Unfortunately we didn’t make the shortlist – which can be viewed here)

Met up with Alice, an old friend from Canterbury, this morning. Can’t have seen her in about 5 years at least, so that was nifty. She filled me in on some other old comrades that I haven’t been in touch with for even longer – the good news is that it sounds like they’re all doing very well indeed.

First barbecue of the year was yesterday. Also the first BBQ in this house and with our new BBQ! All very exciting and it went mostly according to plan, despite rather an excess of heat. Had another one today and got the temperature just right. I now intend to have barbecue meals whenever possible, with the exception of breakfast.

Writing-wise, Of Rock And Earth is coming along. Not long to go now. My main concern is whether to end it definitively, or to leave it open for a trilogy as was the original plan. I’ll have to blog on that in some more detail when I get to it. Meanwhile, my dad has finished his biography and has sent that over for editing, so I’m looking forward to examining that – obviously a completely different beast. Plus I need to finish off the Steampunk movie, which is moving sluggishly through post.

In fact, I’m going to go take a look at that right now.


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