Well now, isn’t this exciting? I’ve only gone and started up another blog. I mentioned Potential Gamer last time, but since then it’s actually become a reality. Small steps so far, with a daily update focusing on the news coming out of E3, but the real debut will come next week with my Multiwinia preview.

The brilliant chappies over at Introversion have very kindly sent me an early build of the game to look at, so it’ll be a genuine, proper preview! 🙂

The film set came fully down today. Very sad to see! Despite the stresses and cock ups, it’s a shame we can’t do that all the time.

James and Lucy get married inI two weeks, which is pretty exciting. Hen and stag dos this weekend.

We’re also finally catching up on Lost season three, partially to get a fix of Vaughan now that Y is done. So far, it’s not bad. Certainly am improvement over the ass that was s2…

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