Only my fellow FXhome colleagues will understand that obscure subject line.

It’s my birthday tomorrow! Although I only really remembered this evening, thanks to my parents, Wayne, James and Lucy unexpectedly buying me lovely presents (well, I presume Wayne’s is lovely, I’ve not actually opened it yet. It might be a turd. But I doubt it – it’s too big) and, of course, Nadia’s sterling efforts to birthdayify the living room. I’m actually rather excited now, as we’re also going out for a Thai meal tomorrow evening to celebrate.

There are multiple reasons I’ve barely been able to pause to think about such things. In no particular order, we have:

Guinod. Bennet Maples’ latest short film is a martial arts opera, which is about as crazy as it sounds. I’m doing some VFX work on it for him, which is great fun but inevitably time consuming. I’m progressing far slower than I would like, which hopefully isn’t annoying him too much as he’s doing a great job on Assault on Igneos, my new short film for FXhome which’ll be premiering online in a couple of weeks. With a bit of luck I’ll have all the Guinod stuff done in a couple of weeks.

Evinden. Finishing off the book was an epic achievement, if I may say so myself. During the final stretch I was fairly obsessive – hopefully I’ll be able to write at that kind of pace during NaNoWriMo next month.

NaNoWriMo. Write a 50,000 word novel in a month? Sure! Why not? It’s not like I only just finished a novel which took me six years…prep for the kick-off on Sunday is underway, and very excited I am too. I have a number of ideas I’m batting about, including one that is very silly, very fun, very cheeky.

Work. This is the big’un. Work is mental. We’re currently in crunch time before the big Christmas launch this year, which is approaching fast (Christmas doesn’t start in December for us, alas). We’ve announced PhotoKey 3 already, and there’s loads more to come. Exciting, but utterly knackering. Will say more when I can.

And now, I’m going to play some Left 4 Dead.

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