No, not of my novel, Evinden, but of a film script I’ve been working on for a fair few weeks now. Rather a long slog, and it’s still only a first draft, but at last the entire thing is down on paper. As usual with everything I write, it’s far too long and will require some judicious snipping. I knew it was going to come out far too long even as I was writing it but decided to complete it before delving into editing, so as to better discern the overall structure and pacing.

In other news, we’re off up to UEA this evening for a 90s Reunion. Nadia’s friend Emma is up for the weekend and there’s going to be a whole gaggle of people converging on Norwich – Malone’s coming up from Cornwall with Clem, for a start. Should be a good evening – will try to get some good pics!

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