You may remember that when I’m not ranting about the Digital Economy Bill, I like to spend my time writing. Late last year I finished the first draft of my first novel, Evinden, and this weekend I received a response from the first person to read the book in its entirety.

The comments were courtesy of Axel Wilkinson and were largely very positive, which is hugely exciting. It’s only one person and one opinion, of course, but I think my relationship with Axel is of a sort whereby he would feel able to be honest and not sugar coat his thoughts. More importantly he also included a range of suggestions, all of which are superb. They’re mostly small things which have a big impact – such as re-using a prop from earlier in the story in the climax, or extending certain sequences, bridging others…all of which will add up to a major improvement.

I had written more, but this laptop’s internet connection is all over the place, so I will adjourn for today.


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