We were rather last minute (or I was, at least) but we’ve finally handed in our final coursework for the Creative Writing: Science Fiction and Fantasy course that we’ve been doing for the last twelve-or-so weeks. It was thoroughly enjoyable throughout and I look forward to hopefully meeting up with members of the group again in the near future. With luck we’ll be putting together a little anthology book of all our stories, too, which will be a nifty memento.

I’ll have my final story – ‘The Detective and the Robot’ – up on the site ASAP. It’s an expanded and massively reworked version of ‘The Detective’, though goes off on a considerably different tack. I believe Nadia is also planning to put her stuff online, but I’ll let her write about that (if she ever bothers to write another post!!).

Meanwhile, we’re investigating going to Bruges in August. Wee!

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