Other than a marvelous week’s holiday to Northumberland in August (which I can actually call research, given that Of Rock And Earth is set in the same region) I’ve had a busy month-or-two.

The main occupation of my time has been my dad’s book, a biography of explorer Dr Reginald Koettlitz, which I have been busy editing. Extensive examination of ~90,000 words takes quite a while, it turns out. Who knew? That rather put everything else on the back hob, so while it was fun I’m pleased to have now completed the work.

Next up is Nigel Clegg’s short film Arms Race, a steamtech war adventure featuring all kinds of nifty props built by the art team. Post has been expectedly sluggish but I’m finally nearing completion on the ~43 VFX shots, which means I can move the film into final sound mix and grading. We hope to have a cast and crew premiere around the end of September, with public distribution of some sort shortly thereafter.

Meanwhile, work at FXhome continues at breakneck speed with some truly amazing stuff coming down the pipeline. Next week there’s a new Sales and Marketing Manager starting who I’ll be working directly with, which will be an interesting shift from the dynamic of the last four years-or-so.

After all this, of course, I might actually be able to finish my own books. Woot!


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