Back in the day, I used to make films. They weren’t particularly good but they were great fun to put together. More importantly, they taught me a lot about what not to do. Unfortunately, just as I felt like I was grasping what was necessary to make something decent, I finished uni, got a job and found myself with precious little time to direct.

Fast forward a few years and I’ve found myself working on quite a few productions, here and there. I’ve stepped back from the directing ambitions to work on other areas – specifically writing and effects, two areas that spin naturally out of my work at FXhome.

I’ve just this second finished fixing up the English translation subtitles for NightCast, a Swiss action movie (a rare thing!) directed by my good friend Marco von Moos. Marco, of course, is the inimitable Sollthar from the community. I’ve also been doing some writing with Ashley Wing, director of Between the Lines, who is working on some very exciting future projects.

That’s the nifty thing about working at FXhome – you get to meet a real variety of filmmakers from all over the world and get to be a part of their work, even if only in a tiny way.

Talking of work, this week proved rather entertaining as we did a quick greenscreen shoot in order to have some new promo material, for which we actually employed the services of a model for the first time – that’s right, it’s not going to be me in every single damn video! Our giant new greenscreen courtesy of the chaps over at really helped out, so for once compositing should be smooth and easy!

Sounds like Nadia’s just got back, so time to sign off. Until next time. 🙂

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