I forgot we had this, and now I remembered I figure I may as well post on it! First things first, I am now officially thirty two years old. How old is that? How grey am I? And how have things been these past thirty two years I know you are asking yourself and even if not, I shall reply. Well, so far my early thirties are a million times better than my twenties. For a start, I know myself better and am therefore less likely to make a complete idiot of myself in public, and when I do I don’t actually care any more. It is very liberating.
My working life is a bit rubbish, poorly paid and bored in a nutshell but I am going to do a masters so all is well, other than working my socks off in the next two years. I’d never have been able to do it without Simon so I am counting my blessings. Urgh, how cheesemongery is this?! Sorry, but the truth is never pretty.
What else? Oh yes, creative writing is scary, difficult and stilted for me. I didn’t realise I was quite as long winded as all that, but ponderous is a good way to describe my progress. However words trip lightly off of Simon’s tongue, like honey from a bee so I am insanely jealous and downhearted. I think it is only right that I make a melodramatic statement of intent soon along the lines of ‘I will never write again as long as I live!’ or just edit and critique as usual and leave the writing to the more dedicated and confident out there. Or do poetry instead which I generally always preferred to write.
Hm…Things I have noted in the past few weeks:
I feel old
I miss my friends
I have a new ‘perfect sister’ badge which I fully intend to wear at the weekend
Simon is the best (but don’t anyone tell him that).
Sitting outside in the sun all day is a fantastically indulgent and enjoyable thing to do
Sitting outside in the sun for too long gives me a headache
Fireworks are ok if you are really really far away
Old people have no shame
I’ve felt under the weather for nearly two months now….
Girly chick flicks rule
Heroes and BSG won’t be around forever 🙁

So anyway, I’m going to stop now.

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