Just re-watched Hellboy for the first time since seeing it in the cinema. Much better than I remembered, and I liked it quite a bit the first time round. I just happened to have watched a superb documentary on HP Lovecraft the night before (which I’ll be reviewing for FXhome soonish), so all the Cthulhu-inspired stuff was much more effective than before and didn’t come across like such a blatant SABBA.

In other news, Dave ‘Xcession’ Cranwell has been helping me out with Potential Gamer.com, providing some expert art and design tips for improving the site and making it more unique. Hopefully those changes will make it onto the site in the next couple of months, but in the meantime here’s a sneak peak at the sexy logo he dreamed up:

In the meantime, I’m considering attending the PC Gamer Showdown. Which is about as nerdy as it sounds, but might be a good opportunity to do some PG-related networking.

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