The internet age knows no borders, even if politics and society have yet to catch up. As global citizenship is still a couple hundred years off, I’ll go for the next best thing: I’ll be a European.

Nobody seems to have any idea what will happen following either result of the EU referendum, which is why it shouldn’t have been put to a vote in the first place. There’s one certainty, though: the British community will be irrevocably split in half.

I will be voting Remain. Should the votes fall the other way and the United Kingdom leave the EU, I will no longer recognise the authority or sovereignty of my own country. I will be a stranger in a hostile land, my country having been stolen from me. The government will never again be my government, regardless of which political persuasion rules from Westminster. I will be in exile, while still standing on this familiar soil.

This has been an egregious lapse of political leadership. Should the day go sour, David Cameron will be known to history as the most disastrous Prime Minister Britain has ever suffered.

If you choose to vote Leave, you will forever be more foreign to me than any Pole, or Syrian, or Eritrean.


Aubrey Jones · June 17, 2016 at 10:35 pm

Excellent comment Simon, you mirror mine and fortunately others views exactly.

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