Something pretty amazing happened last week. I was contacted by an artist through Wattpad, who happened to be a fan of A Day of Faces and had drawn their interpretation of the lead character, Kay.

Would I like to see it? Why, yes, please!

Check it out:b612_20170216_210443

The artist in question I know only as PennMhunSheep.

It’s a remarkable, terrifying depiction of Kay – a character whom I consider to be very human, very humanist and compassionate and empathic. Here the artist has drawn her at her most violent and angry, which really took me aback on first seeing it. This is the constant threat of Kay – it’s what she could become, if she allowed it.

So exciting to have someone who was invested enough in the book to apply their own artistic skill as a response. That it’s a really great illustration only makes it better.

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